Paper Saving Tips

Electronic Documents are very portable.

Why carry around all those papers when you can email documents to yourself to open at home or upload to your favorite electronic reading device? Most iPads, Android tablets, Kindle readers, and even smart phones have apps that make it possible to read PDF, MS Office, and Google Docs.

Additionally, many PDF files are created using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which makes the text fully searchable by keyword. Instead of printing that thirty page article and then read it trying to find the sections relevant to your research, you could save the file on your computer and search for your key terms using the search function in Adobe Reader. A note of caution, this will not work with PDFs created from images (as are all articles in JSTOR, for example), but in many cases it will save you time and will definitely save some paper.

Don't print that web page, Save and Search instead.

Rather than printing a web page or an article from a database in HTML format, save it as a web archive, which you will be able to search by keyword using the find function within the browser. This method works well with Academic Search Premier and Business Source Premier.

If you must print a PowerPoint presentation, print handouts.

If you print PowerPoint slides, print at least three to a page (six would save even more paper), and print them double sided. When printing PowerPoint slides, set them to print with no color. This will eliminate colored backgrounds that use more toner than is necessary.

Print on both sides of the paper with Duplex printing.

Everything you print can take advantage of the entire sheet of paper, and all of the printers available in the LRC are equipped for duplex printing. If you really want to cut down on paper, try printing two sheets per page. You will still have room in the margins to make personal notes.

The LRC Computer Support Staff will gladly assist you upon request.

Site edition: December 20, 2011.
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